Marriage & Fertility HEX badge

Marriage & Fertility HEX badge


This hex contains traditional symbols of togetherness: hearts for love, tulips for faith in ourselves, our actions, and in others, blue for truth, peace and calm, yellow for love and health, and the scalloped edge is for smooth sailing through life’s many challenges. The black border is for protection and also strengthens the other elements in concert. ALL the good wishes are in here for marriage. Something old: hex signs. Something new: hex sign on a badge. Something borrowed: symbolic meanings. Something blue: flowers and scalloped edge. Boom.


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Hex signs are artistic expressions of folk magic and symbolism, whether their magic is literal or figurative, they remain a powerful symbol of Pennsylvania’s complex heritage.


These badges are So & So’s take on the folk magic and symbolism of the PA Hex sign. There’s lots of overlap on the colors and meanings in our hex signs, and we’ll touch on the parts that were most meaningful in our designs, but your mileage may vary.