Mamma & Daddy HEX badges

Mamma & Daddy HEX badges


This is a double badge set. Our thoughts on mama/daddy hex situation ran a bit like this at first: Is selling these together a bit too hetero-normative? Should we be selling double daddys and double mamas? While we love that idea, these badges are actually about duality, about being two sides of the same coin, the yin and yang of hexes if you will. Read on:

DADDY HEX This hex is a powerful good luck symbol—the outer rosette has 12 petals for 12 months of good luck. It’s a traditional style and a traditional name. All things done the old way, the safe way, sometimes the hard way. We all have this traditional side in some way, don’t we? Well, this badge will feed that side. Also, the smaller rosette provides an extra measure of luck during difficult times. The yellow border is a wish for love and good health all year long. Wear it loud.   

MAMMA HEX We made this up, because, smash the patriarchy? Truly, there is another side to all of us as well. The Mamma Hex is all about the newly born, the wild thing, the free spirit.This hex is the only one of the bunch that isn’t a traditional hex, but now it exists because we said so. It has the same properties of good luck, and the blue border as a wish for calm, truth, and protection Wear it proud.



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Hex signs are artistic expressions of folk magic and symbolism, whether their magic is literal or figurative, they remain a powerful symbol of Pennsylvania’s complex heritage.


These badges are So & So’s take on the folk magic and symbolism of the PA Hex sign. There’s lots of overlap on the colors and meanings in our hex signs, and we’ll touch on the parts that were most meaningful in our designs, but your mileage may vary.