kali, not just the destructress of evil

kali, not just the destructress of evil


The story goes that Kali comes into the world during a war between gods and demons. Kali leaps from the Goddess Durga’s brow and charges into the killing——fearsomly destroying the demon army. She is so immersed in her dance of destruction that she is unaware the job is done. She looks down & sees she is standing on the chest of her love Shiva. She bites her tongue in a gesture of speechless embarrassment. 

It’s this aspect of Kali that interests us——the contradictions that make up human behavior and how we can feel many things all at once. We like how Kali calls on us all to do some serious self reflection no matter how certain we are of our rightness and goodness. Kali’s power is to illuminate nuance, to make us think hard, and to wrest from us all that keeps us from truth. Kali is all about transformation (and you know, the destruction of evil)

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2.5" iron on embroidered patch