gaia, of the earth

gaia, of the earth


Gaia is the Greek goddess of the Earth and the ancestral mother of all life. She was (and is) worshiped as the primordial earth mother. Many earth centered religions and groups revere Gaia as a symbol of the Personification of Mother Earth. 

We all know what Gaia is about——she’s the ACTUAL EARTH and everything springing forth from it. For us, this badge is a reminder of one of the central ethical issues that we face as humans (and a chance to hop on our little soapbox built for 2) basically, how not to destroy our planet. Maybe you’ve heard we’ve got a bit of a situation going on? 

Let’s wear Gaia as a reminder that we and the earth, well, we’re in it together. Look at Gaia’s face on this badge folks——is she psyched? No, no she is not. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RESIST 

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2.5" iron on embroidered patch