8 Pointed Star HEX badge

8 Pointed Star HEX badge


If you are unsure which Hex sign is right for you, this is probably the one. The eight pointed star itself is a traditional symbol of abundance and goodwill to all, as well as a symbol of redemption and regeneration. The acorns are for strength and the sheaves of wheat are for abundance. Our three pointed tulips represent faith in yourself, faith in what you do, and faith in your fellow man. We think of this hex as a beacon of hope—as it contains well-wishes for ourselves—but also for our community. When you’re feeling low about the state of the world, this is the badge to gaze on, as it expresses an abiding faith in the inherent goodness and decency of all humankind.



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Hex signs are artistic expressions of folk magic and symbolism, whether their magic is literal or figurative, they remain a powerful symbol of Pennsylvania’s complex heritage.


These badges are So & So’s take on the folk magic and symbolism of the PA Hex sign. There’s lots of overlap on the colors and meanings in our hex signs, and we’ll touch on the parts that were most meaningful in our designs, but your mileage may vary.