Pick your spot!

Think about where you'd like to show off your patch. Jacket? Lapel? Favorite sweater? Or inside a cardigan where only you can see. Just remember you aren't going to want to put your patch in the laundry unless you want to ruin it. Also, the garment you choose will determine whether you will iron or sew your patch on. Not all garments are suitable for ironing a patch on...it gets hot in there!

Iron or Stitch

Patches come with a gluey background perfect for ironing on. Our best steps for ironing are as follows:

1. Heat your iron to the hottest setting suitable for the base fabric you are ironing on. Turn off any steam.

2. Preheat your garment by ironing it without the patch for a count of 25.

3. Place the patch in the desired spot, put a press cloth over it and iron for a count of 45.

4. Flip over your garment, place the press cloth on the back and iron the back for a count of 25.

5. Let the garment and patch cool together so they really bond. Nice....

So that's how we do it, but please note we can't take any liability for any of your clothes getting scorched or ruined by a hot iron. If you don't think you can iron the clothing you want to put your patch on, you'll want to sew it on. For sewing, just thread a needle with a poly or nylon thread (cotton isn't as strong), and stitch a simple over under running stitch around the edge or a whip stitch over the edge all the way around the patch. Sewing is a bit more time consuming but it definitely is the stronger application. So you may want to sew instead of iron if you are placing the patch in a place that gets a lot of wear and tear. (yee-ow).


Lastly, remember not to put your patch in the washing machine or dryer. If it gets dirty or you want to wash the garment it's on hand washing and air drying is recommended. It's not that hard. Gentle soap, warm water, wring it out in a towel and hang it in the shower. Presto-Cleano.